Civil Concrete Work

Prior to the start of an oil and gas plant construction project, civil work is done on the site and surrounding grounds to lay the foundation and prep the area for the plant itself. The site needs to be prepped so construction workers and suppliers can access the site, bring in heavy equipment, and set up site storage. An important step in the preparation process is shoring up the site to prevent damage during severe weather conditions. When it comes to the foundation, strength, and durability are the most important factors. It must be planned and designed in a way that guarantees it can support the weight of heavy equipment, machinery, and personnel without splitting or moving. Effective site preparation is crucial to ensuring the finished plant can operate at peak capacity.

Civil Work; the Key to Oil and Gas Plant Construction Success

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Solid Pipeline & Construction is a leader in the civil work industry for oil and gas plants. Our industry experience, assets, and capacities permit us to meet and surpass client expectations and take care of business right the first time, while meeting timeline and budgetary requirements. Solid Pipeline & Construction also performs construction, fabrication, and maintenance for oil and gas plants.

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Setting up the worksite for construction of the plant is one of the most crucial parts of civil work. Preparation and improvement of the site involves removing any naturally occurring or man-made debris (rocks, vegetation, trees, stumps, mesquites, etc.). Protecting the site from harsh weather and other environmental stressors is done through the implementation of erosion control methods.

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