Dirt Work & Grading

The first step of any successful construction project is to prepare the site and protect the surrounding environment. We employ the latest technologies to accomplish a reduced work force and footprint. We prepare our estimates and execution plans with digital software and maximize the use of total stations and GPS equipment machines to increase production.

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Solid Pipeline & Construction is a leader in dirt work and grading for oil and gas plants. Our industry experience, assets, and capacities permit us to meet and surpass client expectations and take care of business right the first time, while meeting timeline and budgetary requirements. Solid Pipeline & Construction also performs construction, fabrication, and maintenance for oil and gas plants.

This process involves stabilizing the ground underneath the worksite to guarantee that it does not move, sink, or settle during and after plant construction. The importance of this phase cannot be stressed enough as it is vital to worker and plant safety and prevents delays or expensive repairs to the plant and worksite itself.

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